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Clayton Pettet

“Girls Say Yes to Boys Who Say No” - Joan Baez aka Lysistrata

Narcissus pseudo-narcissus
"Would you consider yourself asexual?"
- jarredlharris

I dont like to class myself as an sexuality only because I feel it puts a box around me, all these things are fluid. 

"Are you ever going to have sex? You mentioned in the Dazed interview that Art was your Sexuality? How can you say that when you havent tried."
- Anonymous

Sex has never appealed to me, I can be attracted to both men and women but it doesn’t make me want to fuck them. I have never felt the sexual urge as most people do. I do on the other hand feel it with my Art, this ultimate desire to create above anything else and the completion of a great piece of work is like the peak of an orgasm. 


im starting a new movement and its called claytonism and everyones not allowed in it

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