Mark Morrisroe

Sorry that I haven’t been posting much of anything. 

I am in current creative process of making 1000s pieces of work. So I can keep performing my art all across the international spectrum. As you know my youth still seems to be a useless barrier to some galleries, enthusiastic to assist me but also at the same it seems like they don’t trust my enthusiasm and are almost waiting for my inevitable fuck up. Which seems to stem from my age and my lack of experience. 

But all the same I will keep making work and with the help of some fantastic galleries/ spaces/ people I will be showing in 3/4 different countries in the year 2014/ 2015. 

Love and good will 


Photo unknown reason


Satyricon, dir. Federico Fellini, 1969

Nils Udo - 27, 1999


this year I’m getting loads of blood sucked out of me for a performance 

I am also stalking people I have never met for an exhibition

And then giving people orgasms through there brain 

So please enjoy

i h8 u